Our Service 服務項目

We Provide Settlement service, as well as LINC & ESL language training.

Our LINC program is funded by IRCC, and the program includes Childminding (Daycare) for child age between 19-month to 6-year.

Our settlement service includes:

  • Government ID application: such as Canadian Passport, OHIP, Social Insurance Number,
  • CRA benefits: such as GST/HST rebate, CCTB application.
  • Senior social benefits: such as OAS/CPP application, senior housing application
  • Canadian Citizenship Application

We also provide service and activities provided for our members, please select the what you need in on the menu, and provide all required document before making appointment with us.



我們的 LINC 英語班是由移民部資助,同時提供托兒服務(19個月~6歲)。


– 所有政府發放證件填表申請: 例如健康卡表格填寫, 楓葉卡更新, 加拿大護照表格填寫等等…

– 稅局退稅表格填寫:  例如GST/HST退稅, 牛奶金申請等等…

– 老年人政府福利申請: 例如老人金/退休金表格填寫, 皮爾區老人房申請等項目…

– 申請入籍申請

我們也提供服務及活動給我們的會員, 請瀏覽我們的網站, 在菜單上選擇需要的服務, 並將所需要的資料備齊後, 致電辦公室預約填表時間。