Canadian Citizenship Application

Citizenship Application document required:

  1. Landing Paper & PR Card
  2. Two piece of government ID (such as SIN card, OHIP card, Driver’s Licence, etc…)
  3. Passport within 5 years (Color photocopy required for commissioner certified true copy)
  4. Previous citizenship applied date (if applicable)
  5. Residential address within 5 years (date, address)
  6. Record of leaving & returning Canada within 5 years (date, country/city, reason of leaving Canada)
  7. Record of employment OR/AND education within 5 years (document is required, such as letter of employment, school transcript)
  8. If you are applying for child, you must provide Birth Certificate, and the date of becoming Canadian Citizen of parents if applicable
  9. Two photo for citizenship
  10. English language ability proof for applicant aged 18 – 54 (such as LINC LV 4 and up certificate, CELPIP test certificate, transcript of local high school/university)
  11. Any 3 years Notice of Assessment of within 5 years ( all 5 years recommended )
  12. If you stayed in one country over 183 days within last 4 years, you must provide local criminal check record.
  13. Application fee for adult – CAD $630, child (under 18) – CAD $100

All information can be found on the IRCC website under “Immigration and citizenship” –> “Citizenship” –> “Apply for citienzhip.”

If you find any mistakes here, please refer to the IRCC website for accurate information.