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2023 Carassauga

Carassauga Festival has celebrating Canadian multiculturalism since 1986 in City of Mississauga. Recognized as Canada’s largest multicultural Festival, Carassauga’s vision is to organize a city-wide family friendly multicultural festival suitable for all ages to promote understanding, respect and co-operation among all Canadians of different heritage. Carassauga operated for the first time in 1986 with 10 Pavilions, initially operating only on Saturday and Sunday. It was created in response to a challenge put out by the former Mayor Hazel McCallion to all ethno cultural groups at a meeting of her calling in the old City Hall in the fall of 1985. In 2023, there will be 23 pavilions present many different cultures included China Pavilion. Chinese Association of Mississauga has proudly host Carassauga China Pavilion for over 40 years.


中华文化源远流长,五千的历史长河孕育了无数璀璨的优秀文化。密西沙加华人协会是中国馆的主办方,40年以来一直以来不余遗力的推广中华文化,展示中国的传统文化和现代文明。中国馆设有各种展示摊位,包括中国历史文化展示、艺术品展示、手工艺品展示等。参观者可以欣赏到精美的中国艺术品,品尝到正宗的中国美食,观看中国传统音乐和舞蹈表演等。 此外,中国馆还提供一些互动活动,例如学习书法、折纸等传统手工艺。 密西沙加多元文化节中国馆是一个了解中国文化和传统的绝佳机会,同时也是一个互动和体验中国文化的好地方。 借此文化节之机我们通过中华美食、中华文化展示和精彩的文艺节目向加拿大各族人民展示中华优秀传统文化,让各个族裔的民众在加拿大足不出户就可以感受到中华文化的精彩魅力。感谢各位贵宾和观众光临中国文化馆,希望中国馆让你们在2023年留下美好的回忆。

密西沙加华人协会作为密市历史最悠久的非盈利和慈善华人组织已经为大多地区华人社区提供了超过40年的社区服务,作为文化节中国馆的主办方我协会现在进行摊位和赞助招商,文化节门票销售,以及义工招聘和文艺节目征集工作,联系人Ricky Zhen 电话 647-982-6733 905-275-8558. 电邮 zhenrf@gmail.com.

日期:Festival Date: 28-29 May 2023

地点:Location: Paramount Fine Foods Centre – Rink 2 / 5500 Rose Cherry Place (north of Matheson Blvd East, one block east of Kennedy Rd)


CAM office Operation update:

Our office is now opened to public during office hour. Client with special request requires appointment please feel free to contact us before you come to the office.

Our office hour will be Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM

Office contact number:(905)275-8558
Email: INFO@ChineseAssociationMississauga.com

Please be advised that wearing mask is mandatory while visiting the office. Visitor must also follow the health safety direction from our staff.

All Activities Update:

Office Service : Opened for client with appointment

ESL/LINC Class – Both ESL & LINC classes we are providing in-person class and online classes with ZOOM now. Please contact us for more information.

Senior Program & All CAM Member Activities – Please contact the office for the schedule.

You can also contact our staff with following email address:

OFFICE – info@ChineseAssociationMississauga.com

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ParticipACTION Program at CAM!

We are excited to announce that we were selected for a grant for the ParticipACTION Community Challenge coming June 1-30! We’re doing our part to level the playing field by empowering individuals and strengthening communities through the power of sport and physical activity. The Community Challenge is a national physical activity initiative that encourages everyone […]


密西沙加多元文化节将于2023年5月27-28日隆重举行,这是密西沙加市政府每年初夏举行的一个大型文化节,旨在宣扬和庆祝加拿大多元文化,包括来自世界各地二十多个国家的美食、音乐、舞蹈、文化表演等,作为加拿大最大的多元文化节至今已举办了40多届。 密西沙加华人协会是中国馆的主办方,一直以来不余遗力的推广中华文化,展示中国的传统文化和现代文明。中国馆通常设有各种展示摊位,包括中国历史文化展示、艺术品展示、手工艺品展示等。参观者可以欣赏到精美的中国艺术品,品尝到正宗的中国美食,观看中国传统音乐和舞蹈表演等。 此外,中国馆还提供一些互动活动,例如学习书法、折纸等传统手工艺。 密西沙加多元文化节中国馆是一个了解中国文化和传统的绝佳机会,同时也是一个互动和体验中国文化的好地方。 具体赞助和摊位出租事宜请和密西沙加华人协会联系647-982-6733 Carassauga China Pavilion has been hosted by Chinese Association of Mississauga in past 40 years. Carassauga operated for the first time in 1986 with 10 Pavilions, initially operating only on Saturday and Sunday. It was created in response to a challenge put out by the former Mayor Hazel McCallion to […]

Jan 2021 Update

CAM office will be closed on Jan 4, 2021, due to Provincial Government restriction announcement. Please check our home page for complete update information!


OFFICE HOUR: MON-FRI, 10AM – 3PM PHONE SERVICE HOUR: MON-FRI, 9AM – 5PM CAM OFFICE is only opened to customers with following situations: 1. Need assistance to fill in government related forms and applications. 2. Commissioning and Oath services for related documents required by the government. 3. Printing government related forms and applications due to […]

CAM service info update – MAR 13, 2020

Due to recent COVID-19 incident. Our in-person settlement services will be suspended immediately until further notice. We will still provide services through telephone and email. Please contact us at (905)905-8558 during office hour, Or email us at INFO@ChineseAssociationMississauga.com Thank you!