Permanent Resident Card Renewal

To renew your existing Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), the following document/information is required:

  1. Current PR Card
  2. Landing paper
  3. Passport or travel document within 5 years.
  4. Photocopy of all page of the passport within 5 years
  5. SIN
  6. Two photo within 1 year (size 50mm x 70mm)
  7. Address record in Canada and other country within 5 years
  8. Education record within 5 years (date, school name, city, province)
  9. Employment record within 5 years (date, company name, city, province)
  10. Underage applicant (under 18) must provide birth certificate, school attendance record and transcript
  11. All legal document if official name was changed
  12. Record of leaving and returning Canada within 5 years (includes city and country while leaving Canada)
  13. If you leave Canada over 1095 days, but you stayed with your spouse who is a Canadian Citizen, you must provide spouse Citizenship certificate, marriage certificate, and employment information
  14. Application fee : CAD $50

All information can be found on the IRCC website under “Immigration and citizenship” –> “New immigrants” –> ”Get a permanent resident card” –> “Apply for, renew or replace a PR card”. 

If you find any mistakes here, please refer to the IRCC website for accurate information.